TADAWUL 9079.679 (12:20 29.03)
DUBAI 3457.140 (10:00 29.03)
TADAWUL 9096.190 (10:00 29.03)
DUBAI 3450.340 (09:30 29.03)
KUWAIT 6312.350 (09:20 29.03)
DUBAI 3450.680 (09:00 29.03)
DUBAI 3439.960 (08:30 29.03)
DUBAI 3443.240 (08:00 29.03)
DUBAI 3425.140 (07:30 29.03)
KUWAIT 6285.520 (07:20 29.03)
DOLLAR INDEX F. 97.618 (21:00 27.03)
DOLLAR INDEX F. 97.550 (20:30 27.03)
SO COMMODITIES INDEX 48.2197 (20:00 27.03)
SO U.S SPORT INDEX 91.749 (20:00 27.03)
SO U.S BEAR INDEX 50.290 (20:00 27.03)
SO TECHNOLOGY INDEX 110.519 (20:00 27.03)
SO U.S FINANCIALS 100.382 (20:00 27.03)
SO INTERNET INDEX 46.936 (20:00 27.03)
SO SOCIAL INDEX 124.980 (20:00 27.03)
SO RETAIL INDEX 49.0758 (20:00 27.03)
ALIBABA 84.550 (20:00 27.03)
APPLE 123.075 (20:00 27.03)
NZD/USD 0.75774 (20:00 27.03)
BANK OF AMERICA 15.3100 (20:00 27.03)
PFIZER 34.5200 (20:00 27.03)
EUR/AUD 1.40529 (20:00 27.03)
AUD/JPY 92.396 (20:00 27.03)
AUD/USD 0.77556 (20:00 27.03)


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