TADAWUL 10983.818 (12:20 21.09)
QATAR 14142.090 (10:00 21.09)
DUBAI 5098.590 (10:00 21.09)
TADAWUL 11070.147 (10:00 21.09)
DUBAI 5109.820 (09:30 21.09)
KUWAIT 7602.800 (09:20 21.09)
DUBAI 5118.200 (09:00 21.09)
DUBAI 5123.990 (08:30 21.09)
QATAR 14153.630 (08:15 21.09)
DUBAI 5120.680 (08:00 21.09)
DUBAI 5136.180 (07:30 21.09)
KUWAIT 7587.080 (07:20 21.09)
SAUDI REFINERIES 86.2500 (12:20 20.09)
SAUDI REFINERIES 86.2500 (10:00 20.09)
ALIBABA 93.320 (20:00 19.09)
GOLD VS OIL 13.1473 (20:00 19.09)
AMAZON VS NETFLIX 0.72400 (20:00 19.09)

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